How Can i run the flow using API in local premise without using cloud

Hi team, I am trying to run the flow with help of API using links, i was succeeded to run the flow using cloud, now I am trying to run the flow in local premise with help of API.
Please help me out in solving this


Generally we can use HTTP REQUEST activity to perform any api call from UiPath
Have a view on this doc for more details


Actually my objective is to run Uipath flow saved on premises using python without connecting to internet/ cloud.

Hey @KAMALKANT_TRIPATHI1!! See if that’s what you’re looking for, run a Job in Orchestrator On Premise by Python Script.

Hope it helps!

You have a On-Prem Orchestrator that you want to integrate with (OData REST API), or are you talking about an Local/Attended Robot that you want to kick a job off on (Command Line / CLI)?

Well, my aim is I wanted to run my UiPath flow using python in my Local premise using links, without internet/cloud

Okay, but you still don’t say if you are talking about

  1. Starting a Job on a Unattended Robot from an On-prem Orchestrator Instance which would be done through the Orchestrator REST API.

  2. Starting a job on an Attended Robot which would be done through CLI on the host the Attended Robot is running.