How can i remove "."

Hi everyone, How can i remove “.”
I guess I can’t average these numbers because of “.”


Hi @Busra1,

Try StringVar = StringVar.Replace(".",""). This will replace all instances of . in the variable you’re using the function on

Hi @Busra1

If your requirement is to get the price of a product correctly from an unformatted excel columns, you can simply use the below.


Please refer the inline screenshot.

Hope this will help you. Thank you.

Thanks for replying
Do i use this with assign??

Hi @Busra1,

Yes, you would need to do this in an assign

Hi @Busra1 ,

You can assign the value to variable as in the below inline screenshot.

CurrentRow(“Price”).ToString is the value you are getting from excel file through data table.
Price is the variable which storing the formatted double value as per your requirement.

Hope this clarified your question. If this works, please mark this issue as ‘Resolved’

Thank you.


You have already posted a topic for this issue?

Just use the same code that @Srini84 suggested and replace $ with .