How can I open an Excel file protected by a password

I want to open an excel file that is protected by a password. I’ve difficulties to open the Excel file.
See below print screen.
What did I do wrong?

use excel workbook activity.

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Mark Solution if it helps.

It doesn’t work. Can you share which activities you used to open an Excel file protected by a password?
I want then to select a particular sheet in the workbook and then say if you see that info on that column insert data on the right 3 columns later.

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Hello Maic Cariani,

What you have done is good. No need to change. I don’t thing that problem come from the password. Create a new sequence and try to only open the excel.

When a exeption appear because the password. Uipath will clearly alert on you about it. With a “Uipath.excel.excelexpetion” with the message “invalid password”

What error are you getting?

Basically no error (Nothing happens, its not responsding)
I have to enter the password in order to continue the process.

I tried to only put the ativity Build data table and excel application scope (using the password properties) but apparently I’m still not able to automatically enter in the Excel file.

because your file is restricted by another ID. If your excel simply has a password and no restriction then it will work.

But because your file is restricted by another ID, You can try the following first. Open the excel manually then:

  • Click File.

  • Go to Info.

  • Click the drop down for Protect Workbook.

  • Click Restrict Permission by people.

  • And ensure the option Unrestricted Access is selected.

Then run your program again and see if it works

no it still doesnt work.

still showing this popup?



we are using “BelaReva.Excel.activities” which come with set password activities (set to empty would unset password). Please try.




yes I still have this pop up. It seems that i dont have the possiblity to open an Excel file because nothing happens ( no error / no log message)

I tried that but I ve the same problem.

Hi, I still waiting for answer for that topic, could someone have an idea how to copy data to the Excel file protected by a password?

Your help would be much appreciated.