How can I make a 'For Each' activity return all the items in a list?


I am working on a new robot and I’m relatively new to UiPath. I have a notepad file that contains a list of orders (see attachment).

When I use a ‘For Each’ activity, it returns only the first string and multiplies it by the amount of strings in the list (so in my case it will return ‘ETH’ 11 times instead of ETH, BTC, …).

I have attached my UiPath file as well. Can someone help me out and perhaps also demonstrate how I can do this? :slight_smile:


Main.xaml (7.5 KB)

orders.txt (141 Bytes)

When data is as provided within the text following can be done without for each activity:

Hi @VladP ,

Is this Already answered in the Other Post ?

You should do the Split(" ") inside the For Each loop and the input text should be item (i.e. the current row).

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