How can I know the user that is running some process?

Hello EveryOne

I am looking for a way to get the user name of a process within “For Each Process library”.

I need to evaluate each task manager process to determinate based on user if the process will be killed, I was checking the for each process library and I did find a option that got me the user name.

I hope somebody can help or suggest one alternative.

You should be able to access the username like this


Thaws for your help.

However, I just tried using “process.StartInfo.UserName” but the output is always “empty”.

As you can see in the picture, I want to get Process Name, User Name and Memory Process

Hi @Lucky0906,

Kindly check the example attached and hopefully it will help you.

Main.xaml (12.8 KB)


Very Good, It is fantastic It is really I need

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Is there any way to find the Owner from the Process object.


Hi Acaciomelo,

Is it possible to get Status of a process. eg: Running / Not responding with your approach ?

I know I’m dragging up an old thread but I wanted to alert you to a mistake in your code. You have:

process.GetCurrentProcess.ProcessName which is incorrect. This will always return UiPath.executor because that’s the “current process.” To get the desired result - the name of the current process in the for/each loop, you’d just use process.ProcessName


Not sure this is what you need Environment.UserName