Possible to get windows 10 login credential from windows credential manager?

Hi there,

I want to use an attended robot (without Orchestrator) on different PC’s.
These PC’s have different usernames and passwords.

The idea is for the robot to run without entering different usernames and passwords. I would like to use the activity “Get Credential”, in order to catch the credential from the Windows Credential Manager under “Generic Credentials”.
But the thing is that I was expecting to find there the windows 10 login username and password within some credential, but nothing could be found there…

So I suspect this is not feasable, and that I have to add a new credential on each laptop, so that the “Get Credential” activity may read those values?

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Thanks for the reply.

But going back to my 1st post, is it somehow possible through a activity to get the Windows username + password from the current opened windows session?

Hi @jcab

Could you see here:

It might be a hint at least for the username. I’m not sure it is possible to get the full credential.