How can I insert other activities into Edit HTML Content activity?


I would like insert actives into the Edit HTML content activity. For example, I would like to use For Each Row activity in the HTML Content Activity? Or any other activities such as If, Assign, Write Line, etc…

Thank you for your help.

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Hey @Saminur_Miah

What do you mean by insert into Edit HTML content ?


Hey @Nithinkrishna,

What I mean is you can drag a activity called “Create HTML Content” into your sequence, then, you can format the text to however you want it to with different fonts and color.

What I want to know is if it’s possible to add other activities into the “Create HTML Content” activity.

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Hey @Saminur_Miah

Into create html I don’t think so :sweat_smile:


@Saminur_Miah You cannot use other activities inside Edit HTML content activity. This activity is made to edit the HTML content and that can be used throughout your process

Use the below link for doc ref

Hi @Saminur_Miah ,

You can either create HTML using a For Each and concatenating strings as they are, or using StringBuilder, Or you can use HTML Create Content to create the HTML in one go.

The Looping concept you are referring to is only possible with the string concatenation.
You can’t perform it with the HTML Create Content.

Could you tell us a bit more about the operation you are trying to perform?
If its related to styling, I would stick to string concatenation and conditionally populate data, while keeping the styling segment fixed in the style tags i.e, for a paragraph, I might require a certain format, so I will style it accordingly and simply reference the class during string concatenation.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K