How can I get only filled rows of an Excel file?


I am downloading some Excels from a website. I want to read this Excels with Read Range activity but the row number of Excels varies to much. When I try to read whole Excel, programs reads whole empty rows too. I want to just read filled row. Is there a way to do that?

Hi @AnnaDewitt

Try it out using “FilterWizard” Activity, Inside it
1)In “InputDataTable” → Specify the Output data table of read range activity Into top left of Filter Wizard Window
2)In “OutputDataTable” also specify the same Output data table from read range acitiviy.
3)In the “Filter Rows” Tab Select remove And in the below ,In column Give the column index or “Column Name” Within Quotes and select Operation as “isEmpty”
4) Likewise add all the columns you have in the excel one by one using “+” button on right side
5) After all these steps all the empty rows will be removed from your “ReadRange’s OutputDataTable”

Rakesh Sampath

Thank you for your help. But I don’t want to get empty cells with read range in the first place.

So, I found from forum that I can read only one column of Excel and find number of filled rows with Rows.Count, then I can use this number to determine boundaries of read range activity.

But if I have empty rows in the middle of table, I probably can’t use this method. If I have come across situation like this, I will use your method :slight_smile:

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