How can i get information from a merge cell in excel

How can i get information from a merge cell in excel, for exemple the cell A1 and A2 are merged, and there is an information into this merge cell, when i use read cell i have an issue. How can i do plz ?

Hello @Soudios, can you try this:

If sheetName.Rows(0)(“A1”).ToString = sheetName.Rows(1)(“A2”).ToString Then
’ Cells A1 and A2 are merged, and the content is in A1
Dim mergedContent As String = sheetName.Rows(0)(“A1”).ToString
’ Cells are not merged, handle accordingly
End If

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi @Soudios

When dealing with merged cells in Excel and you want to extract data from them, you need to be aware that the Read Cell activity in UiPath won’t work directly because it operates on individual cells. Instead, you should use the “Get Cell Color” or “Get Text” activities to extract data from merged cells.

Here are two approaches you can use:

  1. Get Cell Color Approach:

    • Use the “Get Cell Color” activity to extract the background color of the merged cell.
    • Since merged cells typically have a common background color, you can use this as a clue that the cells are merged.
    • After identifying the merged cell, you can use the “Get Text” activity to extract the content from that cell.
  2. Get Text Using Excel Formula Approach:

    • Use the “Get Text” activity to extract data from multiple adjacent cells that are merged.
    • You can specify the range of cells that include the merged area (e.g., A1:A2).
    • Since the cells are merged, Excel will often show the content only in the upper-left cell (A1 in your example).
    • You can then use Excel’s formula to extract data from that cell. For example, you can use the formula =A1 to get the data from A1.

Here’s how you can implement the second approach:

  1. Use the “Get Text” activity to extract the data from cells A1:A2 or any other merged cells.

  2. Use Excel’s formula within UiPath to read the content from the upper-left cell (A1 in this case). To do this, you can use the “Execute Macro” activity with the Excel Application Scope to run a VBA macro that applies the formula and retrieves the value.

    Example VBA code:

    Sub GetValueFromMergedCell()
        Dim ws As Worksheet
        Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("YourSheetName") ' Replace with your sheet name
        ws.Range("A1").Formula = "=A2"
    End Sub
  3. Use the “Get Text” activity again to read the value from cell A1 after the formula has been applied.

By following these steps, you can effectively extract data from merged cells in Excel using UiPath.


Hi @Nitya1 @rodrigo.simao

do you have an example or sample to show me how to do plz ?

the simple way, without vba code

The easiest way is by using get text but where i need to put the range “A1:A2”

thank you