How can i find the matches of the each field?

Refer this screenshot, I have logged an String. Where it contains all fields like Address1: Address 2 etc…

I have list of Strings in my hand to find the match in this string. I need to check whether my Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, Address Line 4, City, Country, Postal Code from Queue is matches inside this string.

How can i find matches for all each values?

Please help to resolve this!

Hi @Salman_Faries

Can you specify what does List(Of String) contain? Are the logged string data retrieved from the queue? Please give us the input so that I can help you.



You can use a loop on in_Transactionitem.SplecificContent.Keys and inside loop use if condition withstr.ToLower.Contains(in_Transactionitem.SplecificContent(currentItem).ToString.ToLower)

If not matched then set a flag to false on then side do nothing and before loop start set the flag to true by default…so if all matches then value of flag will be true or if atleast one does not match the value will be false

This will check all at once and assumes every key in the queue needs to be checked

If that is not the case then you need to check with each key separately instead of using a loop