How can I find a specific attachment in emails?


I’m stuck trying to find a solution for this particular issue.

As it stands, I have a process which opens every new email in the inbox every 5 minutes and downloads all their PDFs. Then, it reads them and if it meets certain criteria (It reads it to make sure it’s an invoice and not something else), it analyzes and extracts some data from them and then fills an excel sheet.

So here’s the thing. Since the mailbox is also being used by human users and the Robot cannot yet read all the invoices, I’d like the robot to move just the email with the invoice it just analyzed to a different email folder so that the user can know which ones have been processed by the robot and which ones should be processed manually. I have no clue how to make the robot figure out what email that is.

I know it’s a tricky question, but I hope someone can give me a hand. Please let me know if you need more information to understand what I’m asking.


Do your PDF’s (Invoices) follow a naming pattern? Something to distinguish them from all other attachments that come in.

If so, you can gather emails into a collection. If any email in that collection equal a certain name, use the Outlook move activity to move them to another folder. (email.attachment.contains(“ABC”))


thank you for your inquiry.

below thread solved by @andrzej.kniola and @aksh1yadav resolve your question.

take a good look and let us know if you were able to automate your process.