How can I delete text from word

Hay, I have a problem, I don’t know haw can I delete text(some kind of table) from word. Can someone please can help me? The yellow text I need to delete.



If there is a constant word before and after that table then try below steps:

  1. First store entire text in a string variable say ‘str’.
  2. int first = str.indexOf(“before word”)+“before word”.Length
  3. int last = str.indexOf(“after word”)+“after word”.Length
  4. String tableData = str.SubString(first,last-first)
  5. String requiredData = str.replace(tableData,“”)

Hope this helps :grinning:

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Ty, I will try

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Why I get this error? TextWord is string.

Buddy kindly check whether str.ToString is having any null value with it
Cheers @Tinkerbell


Can you check your output value of Read Text activity and then from the Assign activity use that output value in Value field


Okej, now that part is working, but nothing isn’t deleted from the word. I do everything from the steps.



step 2:

String str1= str.substring(0,str.indexOf(“Dospjelo nepodmireno dugovanje cine”))

step 3:

String str2= str.substring(str.indexOf(“Zatezna Kamata obracunava se sukladno”),str.indexOf(“otplate dospjelog dugovanja.”))

Step 4:
String Finalstr = str1+str2;

Please check this logic and let me know.


I try, but nothing is happen, it’s like he doesn’t read a table from excel.


If any possible can you send me that file so that i can help you better.


I did it by storing each part in a variable. It split into three parts. Now I just do need replace tables. Ty for your help.


Great :grinning: , Can you please mark as valuable solution so that our folks can get the info on this query.


I can, but I didn’t successful deleted the table, I don’t know how. I try everything.Proba_2.xaml (16.4 KB)

Can you see please? Table wont disappear