How can i convert XLSX file To XLSB file

Hi Frs,
I’m in need of converting bunch of excel.xlsx files to excel.xlsb files.I couldn’t find any activity regarding that and i’m not too familiar with macro kind of give me a solution.

Hello @RameshAravind

You can use Command prompt to convert it. Get the file path and run below line in cmd:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\excelcnv.exe” -oice “D:\filePath\excelName.xlsx” “D:\filePath\excelName.xlsb”

Or you can use SaveAs option also. Note, it will crate new file with xlsb format. Let me know in case of further queries. Hope you can manage to open CMD and run a command in Uipath.

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