How can I concatenate more than two conditions in LINQ?

I would like to set this condition in a left outer join:
On a(“Service agent”).toString Equals b(“VENDOR´S NUMBER”).toString
(a(“Shipping Point/Receiving Pt”).toString Equals b(“Plant w/o freight”).toString
a(“Means of Trans. ID”).toString Equals b(“KFZ w/o freight”).toString)

But I can´t do it…

Thank you for your help.


Have you tried to surround your different expressions with (), maybe the compiler is unable to comprehend your actual formulation ?

Hi @daniel.canas ,

Could you let us know what do you want to perform ?

If you could provide us with Sample Input data and it’s Expected Output along with a detail of the operation that you are trying to do, we could help you better and provide you with alternate suggestions.

Yes, I have tried with (), ,{}…

The tables are too big and private. The issue is to set these conditions. I have shared the code.