How can i check the number of row = some number

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pleae need your Support , i have CSV sheet and i want to check the number of Row if equel 96 that mean this sheet have all the data if not that mean there is data missing how i can check and what the condition for that

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Read the csv file as a text file. The output will be in string.
if string.contains("Total 96 Records") then "contains all data" else "missing"

thanks dear for replay @KarthikByggari
please if you have xaml can you send to me because i’m new in uipath

get count .xaml (6.5 KB)

could you check my xaml this is right

Or you can read all the data starting at A10 (with Read Range activity), store the data on a datatable and use dtTable.rows.count to return the numbers of rows stored :smiley:

as i know Read Range activity not working with CSV i tried but it’s give me error and i need the sustem to check if the number of rows =96 then complete the process if not i will let the system send email to inform me there is data missing

Try to use like this:



i trid but not working and give me error

any other idea
to help me

Try what I’ve show above :slight_smile:

but this will give me Row count

if i want menthin if this count = number then complete if not stop and send email

how should be

Is it possible to send me the .csv file so I can do a example for you? :slight_smile:

get count .xaml (6.5 KB)

this my XAML but the system can’t accept to upload CSV

Try to zip the file :slight_smile: (6.9 KB)

Here’s the example.

Hope you understand :slight_smile:

get count .xaml (11.1 KB)


hi dear
but how you let read rang work with CSV sheet because now it’s not working with me