How can get value from Excel sheet

Deal All how can filter Excel Sheet to get value as shown in snap
this data i got it from photo and i readed as text then convert from text to xlsx then i got this sheet
for me i can get the data from this sheet if every day this value will be in same cell but the cell number will change ervery day there is option to filter this excel to get this two value in new excel then i can copy and past to my sheet

Abbbbbbas1.xlsx (12.7 KB)

Helloo, Try this :slight_smile:

i have attached the xaml file…

Wilson Yan (12.6 KB)

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thanks dear for your support but one question please if i want to get one value of them not both value it can be

could you till me where i should modifiy your xaml

you could continue from the last part:

The “value” variable > Split(value,"-")(0) and also Split(value,"-")(1) to declare as 2 variables.

Wilson Yan

i didn’t get your point dear as i’m new could you show me

you mean add assin this code to new variable

should be like this


just “Split(values,”-")(0)"

i attached the xaml

Wilson (12.8 KB)


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