How can get Text from Web image

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i need help to get Text from Web image i try to do that by Data Scraping but it select all this graphs i can’t select any iteam inside this , please need help if any one did that or he deal with graphs


You can use Get OCR Text. Please use OCR activities.

thanks dear but i face issue because i have 6 graphs and when i try this is not move between this 6 graphs to get the value

You can use Find OCR Text activity, by updating the occurrence value you will get the right maximum.

And you can also check the other options. If you can export the graphs to html file.
So you can read the html attributes to get the maximum’s.

Karthik Byggari

thanks dear fro your support
Could you till me about htis solution to export the graphs as HTML file because i don’t know about it

if you have idea please till me

In your image, there are three icons at the top right side.
Check if you have an option to export the graph.

No dear there is no option for that

Then, Can you try saving the web page as html and check if you can able to see the Maximum in the exported file.

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Dear if i can recive this 6 graphs in mail body how i can save as image from mail body in to folder

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