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I found minimum value in the excel table. How I can highlight the minimum value ?

Hi @Teaf ,

You can use below activity to highlight any cell or row


How can i know the minimum ( What i found ) index to put it in range?

If u get the rowindex and column index under which minimium value resides you can get the corresponding cell name to it.

Using that u can set the range in set color activity


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Hey, check this post to get minimum value.

If that does not work use this to find min value

Once you have min value, pass it to lookup activity to get row number and highlight it.

Let me know if you face any issue.

I need to find the min value in each row, So i created below workflow

Excel table :

I didn’t get it previously you asked how to get min row.

So the question is are you able to get min row value or not ?

No i found the min value but i need to highlight the min cell ?

Try below steps:

1 - Create index from Output property which will tell you the row number.
And also do do index=index+2 to get exact excel row number

2 - Column counter you are already maintaining.
So you have to pass the column index number to below code and you will get the Address of cell like A,B,C,D


How can i found row index or column index?

Inside the for each row loop, if you had find the value corresponding to a row, then u can write cell address for it using the following method

Convert.ToChar(columnIndex + 64).ToString+(dt1.Rows.IndexOf(row)+2).ToString

You will get the cell address using this

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Thank you !

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