Hide gridlines in Excel

I want to Hide gridlines in Excel.

How to solve it?


Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


@Srini84 I​ must​ create​ file​ macro​ right?
Or​ use​ invoke​ code?


Yes, you can create Macro

Hope this will help you


Hi @fairymemay

An alternative easy solution

We have Bala Reva excel activities

Kindly refer below video

You please set border colour as White

So that it works as expected @fairymemay

It can use invoke code activity or not ?

You can @fairymemay

@nikhil.girish But now error.

How can write code?

@fairymemay Try this, you can also write VB code in the text file and can call it in excel scope. Attaching the below sample workflow

Example.zip (9.1 KB)

Below is the output looks like

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