Hi, I want to Extract .csv files from emails and Combining them into one Excel file using studiox

Can anyone help me with some guidance in this?
I am new in this.
Hi, I want to Extract .csv files from emails ,Combine the files into one Excel file

Hello @wml, welcome to the Uipath community!!

What kind of email are you using?
There is the UiPath.Mail.Activities package you can get loop though your emails and download the attachments.

To merge the files use a For Each File in Folder, read each file, populate a data table variable and append to another excel file.

Any questions please let me know


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Hi @William_Blech_Sister Thank you so much for your kind reply. I have used outlook app, for each email, save email attachments, then outside use excel file and read csv. I am able to download csv from email and copy in excel file. But I can download more csv’s, but not able to combine them together in the excel.
I am using Studio X. Is there any data table variable?