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Hello guys,
Thanks for helping again. please i have string that could come in several forms
1.) “TTN000216556880035450088|TRF”
2) “TTN000216556880035450088|TRF FROM MACK”
3) “TTN000216556880035450088”
4) “Transfer from josh TTN000216556880035450088 to jack”
5) “TTN000216556880035450088 0098123 TRANSFER 789121”
I need a regex pattern that could get the string that starts with TTN
which is “TTN000216556880035450088” . This string is the reference and it is what i need . it can be found in any position in a sentence and sometimes the reference might not be separated from the other words by a space , sometimes a special character can be used as a separator. i…e in 2) “TTN000216556880035450088|TRF FROM MACK”

Hi David,

It should start with TTN, That clear, Kindly mention something like Ends with or Number of character it should have.

So that we can frame a RegEx Pattern for it.

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Ranjith Udayakumar

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Please try this pattern "\bTTN.+?\b"


Hi @MasterOfLogic

Below is the regex for the same

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Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:

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Thanks a lot guys, i must say i am really grateful @msan your pattern matches my requirement more its been very helpful.
Thanks too @Pratik_Wavhal i really appreciate , i really want to learn this regex , its so great. you were helpful too…

Thanks guys

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Hello @msan Thank you , please how do i write this for references starting with TTN, VNM, PSM, or SL all together. I am trying to say match if the reference starts with VNM, PSM, or SL

Use a group with a pipe like that:



Thanks a lot… really grateful

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