✍ Help us answer the topics where users are still waiting for your help :)

See below for a few useful queries that will help you find some unanswered topics made by our Forum users :slight_smile: (everyone has access to those!)

Unanswered topics of :new: users from the last 48h

You can use this query to quickly find out new users who are still waiting for a reply.

First posts of :new: users

You can use this query to quickly find out all posts made by our new users.

All unanswered topics from the last 48h

You can use this query to quickly list all unanswered topics from the past 48 hours.

Simply open the report page, click the image button and help each other out :slight_smile:


Feel free to let us know how we can improve these reports, we are always listening :slight_smile:


This is a very good idea. :+1:


excellent idea!


This is great, it will give access to new users to ask and answer questions.


Think this is a great idea.


@loginerror it would be great to have an overview of unsolved topics without the topics where the solution is not marked. This allows user to interact with more complicated topics which do not get solved at the moment.

Here an idea how it is possible:

  1. New topic → status: unsolved
  2. After x weeks without response → status: on hold
  3. The user creating the ticket can then change the status again to unsolved
    (maybe a reminder before that would be great as well)
  4. Solution marked → status: solved

Now we could list all topics that are unsolved but not on hold in a list.


@loginerror - It is a excellent idea!

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Good idea.



I’d like to “contribute” sometimes with some solutions I found after my own research that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Sometimes there’s not even a related open topic. I was wondering what would be the best forum to open a new thread for that. My tool, as some staff members may already know, is Studio. So both Studio and Activities forums seems suitable, but I think those are more for asking/answering support. Then I found this one, but I have no permissions to open new threads. What’s the advice of admins?

EDIT: ok; I just discovered the “Vote on tutorials” category.


It is a excellent idea…