Help Please Second Time Posting this "Japanese Language Problem"

Hi everyone ,
I am trying Salesforce Automation it is working perfectly fine with english version of salesforce ,but when i try to record japanese version of salesforce it cannot recognize “Login” on Salesforce Page Login in Japanese is “ログイン” , iam posting the pictures below please help

Hi Sandeep,

Even I am facing problem on importing Japanese data from a website to a file its giving corrupted data not sure does it supports Japanese Language.

hi Adarsh yes even i am also having that problem when i am working with data scrapping from japanese websites or browser the CSV data comes in unicode form and then i have to convert it to UTF-8
You can convert the CSV data which is corrupt by the help of these steps in the given blog

But I think Uipath should have some type of language module in it like other RPA softwares are having!!


Yes Sandeep it might have something like module, May be someone can guide us…


I was able to log in with this XAML, cany you please try it and let me know if it worked? (1.4 MB)

I used relative element from Citrix activities. :slight_smile: :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Thanx beesheep for your effort but it works only in IE and not on chrome the problem is with chrome i think !!


Classical Selector Issue:

English selector:

<html title='Salesforce*' />
<webctrl aaname=' Login ' idx='1' tag='SPAN' />

Japanese selector:

<html title='Salesforce*' />
<webctrl aaname='ログイン ' idx='1' tag='SPAN' />

Language independent selector that will work with both languages:

<html title='Salesforce * />
<webctrl tag='SPAN' parentclass='btn btn-lg btn-link  ' idx='2' />

To understand how it works LangIndSelector.xaml (5.1 KB) you can use UiExplorer and watch the UI Automation tutorials. The idea is to remove language dependent attributes like aaname.

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Thanx a lot badita will try it!!
Best Regards

The academy section has been converted to Japanese lang. Please help me get it rolled back to English.