Help me moving a file and renaming it with the current data and time

Hi everyone.

I want to move an Excel file to a specific folder with data and time in the file name.

I read posts about “move file” activity and it works. But how do I add the date and time in the file name.

Excel name : List of bills

Folder path : D:\Billing

Somebody please provide me the “To property” for this scenario.

Thanks in advance

Path.combine(folderPath, Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fileName) + Now.toString("ddMMyyyy HHmmss") + Path.GetExtension(fileName))

e.g. if fileName = “List of bills.xlsx”, folderPath = “D:\Billing”
then it will become
“D:\BIlling\List of bills 03052022 213201.xlsx”

@8877ab49d1626e97314a84680 In the To Property try the below exp . Also, please find below workflow for ref (8.6 KB)

"D:\Billing\List of bills " + DateTime.Now.ToString("MMM dd yyyy HH_mm_ss tt") + ".xlsx"