Hello guys im trying to read data's from different excel (which is in folder) ,and fetching data from web and adding in same excel files (which is in folder) so the main code is all about getting stock price of different company's and adding in excel

hi @Pradeep_Shiv

Can you please clarify?

Do you mean you read data from the excel and search it in web and store the info obtained in the excel ?

yes ,but i’ve to read from two different excels

as screen shot above in example 1, i have list of company names and search for their stocks and save in excel
in example 2 i have another set of companies ive to search for their stocks in web and update in excel

My approach, read excel and search for the item row by row and use it to save it to another data table…

2nd approach: read the excel row by row and insert row of the info you get from website and store it simultaneously as you search for the same!!! I hope this helps

actually for one excel file is working fine,but when in use two excels im not able ,can you go through my code toMultipleFiles.zip (23.9 KB)

Ahhh so are you able to read the content? I mean read the 2nd excel?

yes,i can read and type in search bar too im not able to write it back

Read 2 Excel file and merge into data table now search in website by each company code and add the data into data table using add data row then write into final excel file

not final excel, I’ve got few data in excel I’ve to read from it and write as well

Try changing the excel scope… Can you pass me the xaml file?

Update: I saw your code, do the following… after the first for loop close the original tab and it will work perfectly fine for you!!!