Having time in HH:SS in excel and my requirement is to add the total time

Column A has 02:20
Column B has 00:30
Column C has 00:10

Total should display as 03:00

Please help how we add. Adding normally is not working showing incorrect result

Or same data i have in datatable how we add that in datatable. I mean if we didnt write in excel then are we able to calculate the time in DT table.

we can do:

So Just retrieve the time strings and sum it up as show cased above

My time is in DT how we pass that.

as a plain column value retrieval

Let’s assume you are looping over the rows with a For each row in Datatable | CurrentRow in YourDataTableVar

arrTimes = {"Column1","Column2","Column3"}.Select(Function (x) CurrentRow(x).toString.Trim).toArray
mySum = TimeSpan.FromTicks(arrTimes.Sum(Function (x) CDate(x).TimeOfDay.Ticks))

Sorry sir… Getting error i am doing something wrong.

Please guide

above was mentioned. A string Array with the column name from which you want to retrieve the time strings

Thanks sir…Still not get it. Let me see it. My column are not fixed.
I already stored data in table and from there how i iterate that value and add those.
Will check and look how i do it.

just redefine the requirement with all details and we check afterwards

Getting below error