Gsuite Modified time and modified time raw difference?

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I am using Gsuite and want to download every file from a drive folder which was modified in the last 5 mins or so. There are two ways showing by which i can obtain the modified time of a particular spreadsheet.
One is ModifiedTime and the other is ModifiedTimeRaw? Whats the difference between them?
Same goes for created time.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Refer this

Thanks but im a bit confused…

ModifiedTime says : representation of [ModifiedTimeRaw]

so whats the difference if this also shows modified time RAW.


  1. “ModifiedTime” represents “System.DateTime” in which you can change
    Date and Time from one format to other format.

  2. “ModifiedTimeRaw” represents “RFC 3339 date-time” – Date and Time on
    the Internet Timestamps.
    Here is a example of Internet date/time format – 1985-04-12T23:20:50.52Z

  3. There are different Timezones across the world and should be followed a
    standard DateTime format which will convert according to their

  4. You better use “ModifiedTime” as its System DateTime.

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I get it now! Thankyou so much! Really appreciated!

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