GSuite / Get Emails

I-m facing this error when i try to get mail message with Gsuite activities.

Get Mail Messages: Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError
Metadata scope does not support ‘q’ parameter [403]
Errors [
Message[Metadata scope does not support ‘q’ parameter] Location[ - ] Reason[forbidden] Domain[global]

I Should I do? Tks

Hi @andreiacristina.couto !
Would you mind sharing with us a screenshot of the properties of the used activity ?
You should hide password/identification elements.

@andreiacristina.couto - Just double checking to see whether you have selecting the needed application scopes in the “Configure Scope” button…


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now my error is other…

RemoteException wrapping System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at UiPath.GSuite.Activities.API.GmailExtensions.d__4.MoveNext()

The gmail.metada was causing the first error