Groups in Regular Expressions

I’m still new to UIPath. I’d like to read a PDF and use a RegExp to get some values. I prefer one single Expression to extract all data, but I can’t get it to run.

According to the Microsoft Documentation the Match Class has a property “Groups”, but in UIPath Studio there seem to be no such property:

What is the right way to access the groups?


have a look on the referenced screenshot

ensure that the typeargument of your for each is set to to Datatype match

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Thanks… that was the clue I needed

Perfect. So once it runs just close the topic with marking the solving post as solution. So others can benefit from it

Why do you close the topics?
I was using the search function and found several simliar topics, but couldn’t post there, because they were closed.

In few words, a topic with a solution has better value. If your looking for a similar topic but with something specific, it’s nice to have another topic for this question with that special variation. It’s even better with a solution.

EDIT: and it allow readers to read questions still pending as time is not unlimited (it’s already time consuming enough to read ppr’s one-liners :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Another reason is that forum contributers can faster detect that the question is answered and solved. So we can move faster to the next open topic


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