after grouping the values ,how can i add the other value in assignactivity

what was the grouping value buddy
Cheers @priyankavivek

its in loop where each column contains 1234,abcd…

i would like to make it clear, so if possible can is have a view on that column and xaml a screenshot if possible
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its confidential,sorry

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Fine no worries
to add values to a column just we can mention like this
–if outside the loop just like this
datatablename.Rows(rowindex)(columnindex) = "the value you want to store"
where both rowindex and columnindex starts from 0
–if inside a for each row loop like this
row(“yourcolumnname”) = "the value you want to store"

Cheers @priyankavivek

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can you please elborate i wasnot able to get


while grouping invoicenumber and date,at;least i must get any of the code from excel sheet.