Group by multiple column and perform the sum operation

I want to group by Column1,Position and then perform the sum operation on value of Prix.
|AA |1|1800|
|AA |1|5200|
|AA |2|1500|
|AA |1|300|
|BB |2|10|
|BB |2|100|

Can any one suggest me query to perform the above activity.

Hi @Jyotika_Halai
Use Following Linq query
List (List of String) = (From p In dt.Select()
Group p By id=p.Item(“Column1”).ToString Into GroupA=Group
Select Convert.ToString(GroupA.Sum(Function(x) Convert.ToDouble(x.Item(“Prix”).ToString)))).ToList()

It will group element of Column1 and then using the Sum function it adds the values of Prix Column

Hi @jitendra_123
Thanks for your quick reply. I want to perform group by on two columns(Column1,Position).can you do it for two columns.

otherwise you can do this using the Following steps.

  • Use Yourdatatablevariable.DefaultView.ToTable(true,“Column1”) to get the unique values from the column.
  • It gives the Unique values and it will store in a newdt data table variable.
  • so use for each row for the newdt
  • Get the values from it using row(“Column1”).tostring.
  • Inside the for each row use another for each row for dt
  • then get the values for it
  • Compare both values in If Condition.
  • Do the addition in the Then section.
    Thanks & Regards