Graphql API

Hi guys

Is it possible to use graphql API with uipath?
If yes how?


Have you tried using HTTP request activity which is used to call API @sebast56100?

Install UiPath.Web.Activities to get that activity and try if that works

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Hi @sebast56100

Did the HTTP request activity proposed by @HareeshMR solve your problem?
Was possible use Graphql Api on your automation?


Hi Team, In UiPath I have to consume APIs created by GraphQL. Can you help me please

Hi @sebast56100 How do you solve the problem, me also need to consume GraphQL API in UiPath, Please help me


From my understanding, using the HTTP Request activity should be enough.

In the HTTP Request activity you have a property called “Body”. In there you could assign it a string variable that defines the graphql query. I believe a graphql standard post request typically uses a json encoded string of the query.

Also, the content type of a gaphql post request should be “application/json”.