Got wrong result when sum two double variables

Got problem with “Double” variables.
Got 2 variables, that i need to sum in “For-each”. (updCurrentMigo = updCurrentMigo + valueOfUpdMaterial)

First time it sums OK, with this result:


But next time when these vars sum …


I got this result:

My question is - why this happens, and how i can fix it NORMALLY whithout trimming my final summ value for 3 symbols after comma.

Thank you. I am sorry if i choosed wrong category for my question.


This is caused by accuracy problem of floating point arithmetic.
See the following document in details.

Also can you try the following workflow if possible?

We can know the actual value in memory is 43.355000000000004 if we force to display it as 17 digits. And this value is same as one in local panel.



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