Google text translate (An error occurred while sending the request)

Scenario: Translating basic text

Steps to reproduce:

  1. drag google text translate
  2. add google key
  3. enter any text eg. “what is the problem”?

Current Behavior: Google Text Translate : An error occurred while sending the request.#### Expected Behavior:

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:2016.2.6344

Last stable behavior:
Last stable version:2016.2.6344
OS Version:Windows 7

can you remove source language and check.

Hi ddpadil, thanks for prompt reply. I tried removing the source language but same error appear.

just an opinion,could you please crate an output variable and pass in msg box
have you tried Google Text Analysis is it giving same error. Could you please check.

Hi ddpadil, i found out the problem. My company’s com is on proxy which makes me cant connect to Google API.

It works fine now. Thanks =)

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How to get key value?

any name in english should be converted to Arabic language. But name value is variable. How to pass key value in this scenario.

anyone can help fix this error?

Check the output type. It is expecting string type and you are using datatable type. either filter to your value so that you have a string or use loop if you want to process each value in a datatable