Google Maps API not returning any value


I have same versions, packages, code in Dev and Prod.
Problem is, in Dev machine “Find Place” activity from UiPathTeam.GoogleMaps.Activities package is returning some results like
“FindPlaceResponse { candidates=List(1) { Candidate { formatted_address=null, geometry=null, icon=null, opening_hours=null, photos=null, place_id=”********", plus_code=null, rating=0, types=null, user_ratings_total=0 } }, status=“OK” }".
But Prod machine is returning NULL for same activity.

I tried reinstalling package, delay in between for API to load. It is not working, please provide your thoughts.

Hi @sahithi.thota

if you are using Config files, check if dev and prod are having same (except the env pointers)

Hi Aditya,
Yes, I have same config file, if I replace working file “****.xaml”, which is using Google maps package from Dev with same file in production, it is working fine until Production machine restarts.

Hi Sahithi

when you say you are replacing .xaml in prod with xaml in dev i didn’t understand, but few things you can check.

  1. how are you holding the authentication key, is it from the orchestrator asset, hard coded in xaml or config - check if key is correct for prod and dev
  2. Are you checking for the same place in test and dev?
  3. check if there are are any variables/arguments with same name but with different scope or Scopes with same names

hope this helps