Google Gsuite tutorial

Is there step by step Google gsuite tutorial available some where to understand how to use Uipath Gsuite custom activity pack?



Check this thread.

this could help you buddy @Gaurav_Sharma


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were you able to install now buddy @Gaurav_Sharma

is there an official Uipath video tutorial on the Gsuite package like there was for excel/ outlook etc. I have looked on academy and can only find how to download the package. I do my due diligence before coming to a forum to ask for someone else’s time. We’ve all done our best with the documentation. Please, is there and official tute on this package?

@Ryan_Madden: Unfortunately we don’t have a tutorial about that at the moment.

Probably the most tricky part is related to the authentication, and you can find a few samples with instructions about that here: GSuite - Gmail Activity Unauthorized client error - #12 by Mateus_Cruz

Are you having problems with anything in particular related to the activities?

Thanks man :slight_smile: yeah working out the right authentication was tricky for me. I’ve followed this tute again: #googlesuite | #gsuite|How to use gSuite activities|Configure Gsuite|part#1|#vajrangtalks|#uipath - YouTube and it works now. This vajrang guy is a legend. No idea what I did differently though! Will check out your resources too but for now I’m just happy it works!


Thanks for your feedback @Ryan_Madden.
@Gaurav_Sharma Can we make this solved so every one can get solution

Here is my playlist where I will be updating my tutorials on gsuite

Tried on my phone but can’t see where to mark it solved.v

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