Google cloud vision OCR: scrap return empty text

Hello Guys,

I am using Google cloud vision OCR, it return empty text.


I guess you are trying to scrape captcha data. Generally some browser won’t allow BOT to automate captcha. They will use these kind of captcha to prevent their site from automation.

but i have automate captcha before on two portal using cloud ocr.

it read once out of 20 times.


Yes that is the issue captcha. we can’t get 100% accurate data.

It’s better to automate everything and give some delay before entering captcha and manually enter it and continue.

for 25,000 data…:stuck_out_tongue:


OMG. That much of data. I thought you are trying for one login.

Have you tried Abbyy OCR ? May be it will some accurate data compared to other OCR’s. Try once.

lets see…we already using paid cloud vision ocr naa…