Go to next value using foreach loop


I have fetching codes from excel and if no data found after clicking search it suppose to go to next code .i have already used for each loop.how can i achieve that to go to next code value

@Mathkar_kunal Can you show us Screenshots of how you have implemented the For Each in your workflow?

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

1.Use Read range activity and read the excel and assign a Data table variable.

2.Take For each Row in a Data table activity.

3.Assign a variable,GPS code = row.Item(“Column Header from excel”.tostring)

4.take Type into activity and capture the text box and give the above variable (GPS code) as Result.

5.click on search
6.Element exists capture(no results found)
7.IF (no result found) is true put a write line for no results other wise leave it empty, in the else block you can write next flow for results found.

The loops continues and it check each codes one by one.


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