Give variable in Outlook Subject Filter

Dear Forum Members,

I am using outlook filter function.

I am filtering mails based on subject, but my subject line is saved in variable.

When i try to give variable in filter property, it is not reading emails.

i am using : “[Subject]=’”+variable+"’".

Can anyone help where i am wrong, as hardcoded values are working properly but variables are not.


Hi @Sahil_Garg1


Can u try like this


Nived N

Happy Automation

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Hi Nived,

It is giving error like , end of expression expected.

Hi @Sahil_Garg1
Try like this


Nived N
Happy Automation

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It is not working same like my expression , giving emails count = 0

Sample mail are present

Use SQL Expression like below

"@SQL=urn:schemas:httpmail:subject LIKE ‘%"+variable+"%’"

"@SQL=urn:schemas:httpmail:subject = ‘"+variable+"’"


Copy paste and remove and re enter single(’) and double("") quotes for safety…

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Hi ,

I think your expression is for checking Contains.

I want only equal part becoz same subject can be there in other emails.

Just remove % symbol then it will look for exact subject…

Actually, after removing % it will look for Starts with.

As i said same subject can be there for other email.

Meanwhile, expression is giving error , saying can’t parse emails

I don’t get your point…
Then what difference it will make with equals?
It will also look for same subject starts with and ends with…

Elaborate problem with example…

I have updated my first comment if you don’t wanna go with like operator…

Mate your previous expression is helping me to meet the requirements.

Thanks for your help

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