GitHub Certification Exam 1 Sample - not looking for solution just have a question

I have passed the first part of the Certification and am currently creating solutions from the GitHub Certification practical exam samples to test my timing. If anyone has created a solution for the Invoice Exam 1 sample, I have just one question.

I just completed my workflow and tested it, however, if any of the Invoice Item or Total data extracted from the Data Table does not match the data retrieved from the Search for a specific Invoice, a Business Exception is to be generated. The issue I ran into is that out of 181 Invoices, no Business Exceptions were thrown. The only way I was able to get a Business Exception was by changing the code to force a Mismatch.

It doesn’t seem possible that there would be no Mismatches if the objective is to test all my code. I also reset the ACME data, extracted 170 Invoices and still no Business Exceptions unless I created a mismatch.

All I am looking for is someone familiar with this Exam sample to verify that I must be doing something wrong.

Please do not reply with any solution, just a validation of what I see as results.


maybe they just want to see if you have your code prepared to handle those exceptions, but yes, there might not be in the real case…

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed to know. I think the forced mismatches helped me to see what I was expecting.

Thanks again,

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