GIT option is not available on my uipath studio (community edition)

Why i dont have available in the team tab the GIT option?

this screenshot on my computer


Hey RafaelRP, welcome to the Community!

It depends on which version of Studio you have. My guess is you have an old version. If you upgrade Studio, you should see it there.

Can you please share which version of Studio you have?

Start–>Help–>Far right hand side.

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Welcome to the uipath community.

May I know what version of Uipath Studio are you using?

It was available from 2019 version onwards. Upgrade to latest version and check it once.

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i am beginner and i installed that software two days ago
this is the versión 2019.7.0


Hi @RafaelRP,
The only way is to uninstall and install it again.


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i uninstalled and reinstall it and still not have this option :frowning_face:

Fine no worries
kindly try once with this option in the PROJECT PANEL (beside the activity panel in studio)
Alternatively, the Show Team Page image alt text button in the Project panel opens the same Team page where we can find the GIT option

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @RafaelRP

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