Getting the same data from website for each row in excel

Hi everyone! I’m trying to search for name in each row from Excel and get data from a website and copy it back to excel columns. But I’m getting a selector problem about always being invalid. I’ve already used asterick* for the changing input, and then assign the variable to each column. But I’m still getting the same data for each row in excel, all the data are exactly the same as row 1. Any ideas about how to fix that? Thank you!!!

Hello @ylxielinda ,

Can you share your xaml file?
Or at least a screenshot.


Hi ,

As far as i understand, you are trying to scrape data from website , and pasting it to excel.

I would suggest you do follow the below steps ,

–Open chrome outside of foreach

– For each Row in input DT
– Enter the id in website
– Scrape the results from the WEBSITE (Avoid using partial selectors and APP selectors)
– Use “ADD DATAROW” to append the scraped data in to dt (In your case since you are
using assign activity and count is been not increased it is appending the same vlalue)

Thank you very much! @wasea I just figured it out today.

Thank you very much for the detailed instruction @Krishna_547 !!! It’s very helpful!

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