Getting text from website - trying to loop i.e. copy text from webpage 1 → next → webpage 2 → copy text → next webpage 3

hi, i would like to ask if there’s a studioX function to copy text from webpage e.g. page 1 to text then next to page 2 copy paste text then next to page 3 copy paste text? the loop or repeat actions i’m doing keeps going back to webpage 1 when it should flow continuously to 2 then 3.

alternatively i tried keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+V, Alt+Tab,→,Ctrl+C; then loop but Alt+Tab does not switch between internet browser and words doc.

please help

Hello, maybe you could create a table containing http addresses and loop through that.
Ultimaty a table extractor if those pages are like a search results.

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Thanks, is there a webpage extraction studiox rpa to extract multiple webpage addresses? I’ll be looking into Firefox addin availability too.

ultimately i used firefox add in to download all the weblinks manually → save to html then append text

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