Getting @ symbol when reading excel or word documents

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In my word and excel document there is some date, when i am reading that word or excel documents then it automatically taking a "@ " symbol in front of the text of word or excel.
When i am splitting the text then it automatically putting “@” with any value.

Before splitting ss

After splitting :tempsnip

Help me out.

Thankx in advance

we assume that you have split on space (blanks) otherwise may we ask to share some more details with us.

the meaning of @ is that the string is handled as a verbatim string literal . It means that escaping isn’t applied.

we do see some additional character (see yellow mark and line break)
after split we also do see that the @ is moved to the part with the line breaking part

but the @ would not be part of the string content.However we suggest to find out what this “hidden” char is of type of.

May we ask for screenshot from watch panel for this string /split item

Also have a look here for an analysis for non displayed chars:

Thankx for response

I have split string on space base and getting this @ symbol.

as mentioned above the function on @ was introduced. May we ask you to go through again to the answer. Thanks

Got the solution.

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