Getting last filled out cell excel

I want to get the text from the last filled out row and column in excel.
I unfortunately don know how to get started.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

Is the Excel file in table format?
Then you can first open the file by using "Exce Application Scope"band then “Read Range”.

You can count the number of columns by using DataTableName.Rows.Count
and the number of columns by using

I hope it works but is there any chance that last Cell isn’t filled out?

Then you might need to get each row item and check if it’s null or not.
Anothr solution is that you can use Excel formula.

“Write Cell” with formula to get last row number of each column like this;

(In Excel file it’ll be; =max(iferror(match(max(A:A)+1,A:A,1),0),iferror(match(“”,A:A,-1),0)))

Then Read Cell to get the number. Remember you can delete it by writing “” at last.

I believe there’s smarter way but hope this helps you working out your issue.