Getting inconsistent results using Computer vision in a repeat

Good day. I am new to UI Path and busy experimenting to see how best to use this in our organisation but have hit a hurdle which I am not sure how to get over. Here is the issue.
We use a windows based remote desktop application which is highly structured.
I have selected three records to get information so my first action is to extract the number of recorders so that I can set the number of repeats. This is done by using CV Get Text to pull the number from an input box. The issue that I have here is that it does not always work when I run the process it does not always select the number which then fails on the repeat since a number is required. If I run the process immediately again it works (with no adjustments). The second problem is similar in that it is using the same functionality on a different box but it only only fails after the first run of the repeat i.e. it gets the text the first time but not the second or third time. The final problem is that to move from one record to the next it has to click an arrow. This works the first and second time but not the third time.

Important to note for issue one and two that it finds the box but just does no highlight the text to copy it.
I have put in a 15 second delay after each repeat but am not sure what else can be done.