Getting error "An item with the same key has already been added. Key: NApplicationCard_1"

This is happening mainly when i try to right click and run from the Browser application Activity (While not observing when i run the main flow fully)

The work flow, Open Browser application(Google), “Type Into” action after opening browser.

Not able to understand why this happening

Hi @Leela_Hari_Gopal ,

Could you maybe try closing the Studio and opening the workflow again and Check whether it is having the same issue ?

Also, Could you provide the list of Dependencies along with it’s versions used ?

Even after restarting this behavior is happening. Dependency info below

Hi @Leela_Hari_Gopal
In this case restart UiPath studio or your machine. If doesn’t help means instead debug mode use run mode to test the process.

Kaviyarasu N

I got the same Problem when I try to run it in debug mode.