Getting dynamic month and year

Hi all,
I want dynamic month and year of its jul then jul-21,so basically now it’s aug so I want like Aug-21 .so how to get dynamic month and year.

Hi @sayali_rokade ,

You can try like this


@manjula_rajendran month is coming like August i want only Aug.

Hi @sayali_rokade


Refer the Screenshot



Try Now.ToString(“MMM-yy”)

MM - give month number
MMM - Month Abbreviation
MMMM - Full Month Name

@sayali_rokade - have you searched this forum already before posting query ? I bet definitely this should have been answered so many times in this forum, so kindly do a search this forum before posting your queries…

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@manjula_rajendran yes i tried MM no but havnt tried MMM so thanks

ya @prasath17 i searched. sometimes its emergency so.

@sayali_rokade - I am politely disagreeing. You posted this yesterday and you were still looking for an answer today. So I am not sure, how this would fit in so called Emergency category…

Please keep this below link reference handy…this would help you…

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