Getting Distinct values from regular expression output




i am trying to take a few information from a website (an identifier which is a 5 digit number).
But the page has duplicate entries. how can i get only the unique values from the page.

or is there a function like ‘distinct’ which i can use to get the unique numbers out of this? i tried a few methods but am not able to come up with a solution. below is an example data[0-9]{5})&i=78993 9899 32423 42342 43223 9899 42344 43223 32423

REGEX Pattern for "200/14-27-961-19W5/0 ",“1Z0/03-25-061-24W5/0”

I found a solution within regex.
If anybody else is looking for something similar similar - this is how i did it

(yourRegEx)(?<!\1[\s\S]\1) - this will provide unique occurrences from the entire content
\1) and this from the same line
let me know if you have any doubts.

I would still like to see how you can get unique records from uipath. the main problem was converting the variable system.text.regularexpressions.match