Getting Avg in Excel Datas Values

Hi all,

i have an excel file, you can see the picture below. This is just small part i have more than 200 information. My question is, i need to get avg each (In the picture string side Mah. or Mh.) TL values but how can i do that ? I do not know the names.
Ex : In the picture MerkezMimar 1.300 TL and i need to get total of this place and get the avg value. There is 1 place(MerkezMimar) but there are lots of different type.


Hi @yigit.aybey ,

Could you maybe explain your query in a bit more detail ?

It would be better if you could provide us with the Sample Input Data and the Expected Output for this input data. We would be able to help you better in this way.

Of course i can get you more info.
First of all, i’m doing data scraping from a site. After that, i’m writing to excel. There is a more than 200 information is written. This information includes district names and house prices etc. with it here. In addition to this, district names can be same and in the same place there can be a different prices. I need the get avg of it.
Ex : You’re in district ‘A’ and there are houses selling by someone, and does not matter who is selling. not important. There are different prices of course. so i need to get the avg of this ‘A’ place or places. In my problem, there are more than ‘A’ places. So,
I hope it was more descriptive :slight_smile:

If you need more explanation, i can give you more info again np :slight_smile:


@yigit.aybey Could you provide us with data as mentioned above in the form of Excel files ?

I cannot send all excel datas here but i can send some and actually kind of same like that.
This is my excel datas.

I have a algorithm problem sort of. I cannot use data filter i gues. Maybe i can use for each row in data table but i do not know how. I don’t have any data input or any activities right now i’m just writing to excel some datas from a site.

Aim : Need to get avg of price and it depends on district.

I think i could not explain clearly myself easily. Sorry about that.


Did you try to create it as csv file and read csv activity? Because output will be type of DataTable and it would be more easier to manipulate the data.

I’m new in uipath platform and not familiar with csv files.

You can just use online xlsx to csv converter and the csv file should be inside the project. After that, you can use the Read Csv activity. Try if you want and let me know when you get stuck with a step. Good luck!

Did you solve your problem?

No. I converted and read the file but I do not know how to use csv file.
and also I’m in trouble with creating algorithm.

I have created small data as yours. The data is as the following and in the CSV form to be able to be read and exported to DataTable

You can try this small workflow, if it meets what you want.
ReadCsv_Manipulate.xaml (9.7 KB)

You said in the program “If your price values contain dots then you should replace them to convert it to Int!” How can i do that? i did like that => CInt(str_fiyat.Replace(str_fiyat,"").Replace(",", “”)) and not worked i got this error => “Assign: Conversion from string “” to type ‘Integer’ is not valid.”
What should i do?
I converted to csv but the datas has been broken. It happend like that


After you downloaded, probably you did not see the inner functions so you ask the solution. But I have done already. You can replace like that:

str_fiyat.Replace(“.”, string.Empty) —> so dots will be replaced none. If your str_fiyat = 93.000.000 then it will be 93000000.

While converting your data will be broken because of turkish characters. You should not use any characters except of english.

Other option to have csv file is:

When you’re done, your Excel file should look something like this. Choose File > Save As. Select the CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) file using the drop-down box, give your file a name, and then select Save.